Brownsville Climate March, why it is important in the RGV


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Climate change is a “hot” topic right now, and it disproportionately affects certain regions such as the Rio Grande Valley, where rising sea levels, liquefied natural gas spills, and extreme poverty are a bad combination.

More information about LNG can be found here (Save RGV from LNG).

The official Facebook page for this event can be found here.





Cameron County Climate Change Issues:

LNG export terminals is environmental racism. The construction of the LNG export terminals is a product of hydraulic fracturing in the eagle ford shale area and will create more hazardous pipelines. 18% of Brownsville’s energy is from coal-fired power plants. The Valley is a climate change frontline community which means we are at-risk of hurricanes, dangerous heatwaves, and mosquite-borne illnessess like zika virus. Our region also suffers from habitat destruction.

A Vision for the Future:

We want collective liberation for the Rio Grande Valley. Justice for our people looks like: equality for all our people, environmental justice, climate justice, and economic justice. We want clean landscapes because that is an investment in the future. We do not want rising sea levels or climate deniers as leaders. We need energy efficiency, preserving public lands, and a clean vision for the future.

List of Demands:

We want PUB to divest from fossil fuels and be powered by 100% renewable energy. Tell the Port of Brownsville: No LNG export terminals and no new pipelines built in the Valley. We want public officials to push for a total divestment from fossil fuels.


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