Senator Ted Cruz visits the RGV

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With less than 24 hours notice, valley residents were able to gather outside of the Chamber of Commerce in protest to Senator Ted Cruz’s visit.

Original Facebook event page can be seen here.


Senator Ted Cruz is coming to the Rio Grande Valley on Saturday, February 18. When he visits Mission, Texas, local residents will be there.

We are concerned that Senator Cruz plans to use our home as a photo op, that he will spin the myth that the border is a war zone, and that when he returns to Washington he will use his brief visit to support Trump’s border wall and his assault on immigrant communities. If Senator Cruz votes to take away our health care, or eliminate environmental protections, or waste billions further militarizing the border, we are the ones who will suffer.

Meetings closed to the public and restricted access photo ops with gunboats are not the actions of a public servant. A true public servant creates opportunities to listen to public concerns. Senator Cruz was sent to Washington to represent us, and we invite him to step outside of the political bubble and speak with us – not speak about us or dictate to us – about the way that his actions and his votes will impact our communities.


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